Ditch the Itch – 3 Ways to Eliminate Beard Itch

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

If you have a beard, you know that beard and itch go together like some twisted friendship no one quite understands.

If you’re planning on growing a beard, you need to understand that the itch is almost inevitable. You need to be prepared for the sensation that’s going to have you questioning the hair on your face and reaching for your razor.

But does it have to be that way? Are we meant to sacrifice a little bit of itch for amazing looking beards?

Fortunately for you we’ve suffered through enough beard itch to discover the best ways to prevent it and keep it away.

It’s time to ditch the itch for good.

What Causes Beard Itch

The Art of War teaches us to Know Your Enemy. So why is your beard so itchy?

The culprit is likely dry skin. When you grow a beard, your growing more surface area on your face that soaks up moisture and natural oils. Your face can only produce so much, and now it’s trying to support both your skin and your beard.

You now have hair that traps dirt and grime, so your face is also letting the things that are harmful stick around. This can irritate the skin, especially if you’re skin isn’t familiar with being this dirty.

Growing a new beard? Your face is itchy because the hair is growing in. When you shave, your hair is cut on an angle. Those mini points are now poking out and irritating your skin. The only options of relief are to shave (nope) or take care of business like a true beardsman.

The Tools to Help Prevent Beard Itch

Now we understand that you’re itchy because your skin is dry, your beard is a bit grimy, or maybe you just need to soften the stubble. So, what do you need to solve these problems?

Find yourself a nice beard soap or shampoo, something that is good for your face. Please don’t wash your face with head and shoulders shampoo. Find something that is as much a face wash as it is a hair cleaner/conditioner.

Once you have a clean face, moisturize your skin. Oils and balms are great for hydrating both the skin and your beard. Oils and balms will soften the hair as it grows, keeping irritation at an all-time low. They have added benefits of making you smell great and look good, too.

Brushes and combs tame the beast. A tame beard means less itch.

How to Use Them

Oil or balm? Brush or comb? Do I wash every day?

First, rinsing your beard every day is fine, but only shampoo your beard every couple of days. With all the dirt and grime, there’s also some natural healthy oils in your beard. You want to keep them.

Use oil to moisturize and scent your beard. Use balm to smooth and style beard. We admit that balm works better with a longer beard, but both are great for your skin and both work wonders in reducing beard itch. Don’t be afraid to use both! Apply some oil fresh out of the shower while the hairs are damp and put the balm on to style your beard before leaving the house.

Brush short hair, and comb long hair. Or vice versa. Whatever floats your boat and feels good. Just get to know a great barber and keep it trimmed. A well-groomed beard is an itch-free beard.

The itch doesn’t stand a chance.


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