5 Ways to Grow Your Best Beard

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

The question most people ask before they begin growing a beard: How can I grow a beard


Well, that answer depends on everything from the person to the steps they take during growth.

For us, we’re more concerned about helping you grow your best beard.

Growing your best beard takes patience and care. Absolutely there are steps that can promote

growth, but the most important thing to consider is doing it right.

Here’s how to grow your best beard that would make any man jealous.

Get Regimented

If you’re committed to not only growing a beard, but maintaining a good looking, healthy beard

that feels amazing, you’re going to need to give your face some TLC.

The following tips below are great for promoting growth, keeping the skin hydrated and smooth,

while getting you through the trial and tribulations of achieving Perfect Beard status. But, it’s all

useless if you don’t set a routine for yourself.

Schedule some time morning or night to go through your beard regiment – whether that’s balm,

oil, brush, or talking sweet whispers to your beard. Whatever works.

Stay Committed

Ask anyone with a beard (*waves), the first stages of growing are tough. There are some new

sensations going on that you’re not used to. You’ll look different, your face will feel a bit greasier

than usual, and you will most definitely want to shave.

Search for the right products (cleanser, oils, moisturizers) that can help tame the unpleasant

sensations so you can enjoy the pleasant ones. Like how your beard looks better every day.

Clean Up Your Diet

We’re not suggesting a complete overhaul, unless that’s what you’re into. We’re only suggesting

that you understand the science behind the fuel you put in your body, and the effects it has on

your skin and beard.

Consuming whole foods rich in vitamins B5, B12, C and Niacin are going to help promote the

growth of your beard and leave you with healthy skin. Aim for fruits, vegetables, and organic is

your friend.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to understand that consuming high sodium, processed foods can

dehydrate the skin. Your body combats this by creating extra oil. Foods like refined carbs and

sugar, and even too much red meat can cause an increase in inflammation, that also creates skin conditions that aren’t ideal for healthy facial hair growth.

Let it Be

You’ll want to play around with it. You’ll want to shave certain parts. You’ll want to trim it here

or there.

For now, just let it be.

The best thing to do with a new beard is let it grow out. Allow it to get unruly. Let your wild side

loose and get a bit out of hand. You’ll establish a great base and develop the habits you need to

care for it.

Then, find yourself a great barber and let them give you the beard you want that shapes

perfectly to your face. A majestic beard like yours is like a blank canvas for them, and they’ll

know just how to treat you.

Take Care

Finally, through all the growth and itch, through all the patience and dedication, it’s mostly

important to take care of your beard properly.

Try some different products to discover what is best for you, not only in how it cares for your

beard, but how you smell and feel.

Oils and balms keep your face moisturized and beard soft, plus they leave you smelling great.

Brushes and combs help keep things under control, and keep you looking great – an important

step to removing any doubt in your mind that growing your beard is a good idea.

Now enjoy that beautiful beard. You’ve earned it!


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