4 Elements to Matching Your Beard with Hair Styles

There are dozens of styles for your beard and even more styles for your hair. So, what hairstyle goes best with your beard?

That’s a loaded question with too much to consider for one single blanket answer. However, we have some things to consider that will help you match your beard and hairstyle.

If you want to have the perfect beard that matches a slick hair-do, consider these four elements and you’ll be on your way to magazine worthy style.

Contrast – Example: Long Beard with High Fade or Undercut

Long hair, long beard, long fingernails, long clothes – where does it end? Eventually it doesn’t look good anymore and begins to scream ‘I stopped caring’.

Contrast is essential for style. From clothes to your beard, contrast draws attention and leaves an impression.

If you’ve worked hard to grow the perfect long beard, you want to look your best and make a statement. We recommend contrasting your long beard with a high fade and comb over pompadour.

Work just as hard growing out your hair? Go for an undercut that keeps your locks long, but still

disconnects your beard from your hair, drawing attention to both.

Balance – Example: Full Beard with Slicked back Hair or Short Curly Hair

The purpose of contrasting different looks is to maintain balance. When styling your beard and hair together, you want to balance out the strengths of both.

A great example is people with big, bushy, full beards. Big full beards paired with big untamed hair might give you that ‘Robin Williams straight out of Jumanji’ look. It’s difficult to pull off. By balancing this with clean cut hair styles, you’re balancing unruly with controlled and it works.

If you have curly hair, cut it short so it balances well with a big beard. Slicked back looks great with a big beard, and so does medium length hair with that intentionally tousled look.

Shape of Face – Example: Short and Medium Beards with Faded Short hair or Straight Long Hair

The shape of your face is important when deciding what you can pull off with your beards and hair styles. Unless you have a chiseled jawline, growing long-straight Fabio-esque hair won’t look right. Growing a short-cropped beard or scruff can make up for what your jawline lacks.

Cheek bones, chin, proportions are all things to consider when growing out hair on your head and face. A well-groomed medium beard and faded short hair can help you lengthen a round face. Or shaping out your beard and cleaning up around your ears can accentuate your cheekbones.

Consider the features and shape of your face and play with styles that compliment them.

Confidence – Example: Moustache or Goatee with Blow Dried Pomp and Medium Fade

Confidence is the secret ingredient to looking good. No one knows how your hair and facial hair grows better than you, so you can take advantage of what works well for you.

If your hair is thinning up top, go for styles that make you feel confident in yourself, not styles that will make you feel disappointed and defeated. Stick with the close-cut hairstyles paired with strong beards.

Same goes if you have a hard time growing a full luscious beard. Stick with what you do well. A full head of hair with meager beard growing ability is the best opportunity to pull off a stylish moustache or goatee with jealousy evoking hair-do’s like blown back pompadours.

The purpose is to do what makes you feel great.

If you haven’t already become acquainted with a great barber, we recommend doing so. They’ll be able to take all of this into consideration and give you the beard and hairstyle you’ve always wanted.


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